Cashmere is a very special natural animal fiber that requires special care to last as long as possible. Cashmere fiber is six times thinner than a hair, but much more resistant, and loves water! Surprising as it may seem, used to limiting the washing of wool, cashmere loves water because of its natural origin and even needs it a lot, and not only for cleaning.

On contact with water, the cashmere fiber contracts and returns to its original position when it dries. This mechanism helps to eliminate pilling, keep the garment soft and even make it softer.

Care instructions:

  • Wash your cashmere in cold water, after 3 or 4 uses.
  • Use a shampoo for delicate clothes and leave to soak for a few dozen minutes.
  • Squeeze lightly on the spot of dirt and then wring out without twisting. Leave to dry flat away from light to preserve the original colors.
  • Brush the cashmere lightly once dry: a noble and delicate material, cashmere must be regularly maintained. We recommend the use of the cashmere comb specially designed to remove excess material that may appear with rubbing and give the cashmere its original appearance. Recommendations: Hold the garment in one hand and comb lightly and quickly over the surface to the desired effect.

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