Oscar et Valentine's cashmere

Oscar et Valentine cashmere specialiste for children and babies since 2004


Cashmere comes from the fine, soft undercoat or under layer of the Kashmir goat's hair. Though lightweight and luxuriously soft, this material is extremely warm with the purpose of protecting the goats from the cold mountain temperatures. High moisture content allows insulation properties to change with the relative humidity in the air. In turn, cashmere's natural lightweight insulation without bulk is appropriate for all climates.

Oscar et Valentine’s cashmere originates in the high plateaus of Mongolia. The delicate material is removed from the goat by hand with a coarse comb, and up to one pound of material is yielded per goat. Oscar et Valentine’s pure virgin cashmere is dyed, spun into yarns and knit into layettes, hats, sweaters, and blankets.

Knit cashmere should be hand washed with cold water and fine soap, never use bleach on cashmere products. After washing, lay flat to dry, never put a cashmere garment into a dryer.