Two decades ago, in 2004, in the vibrant heart of Paris, a passionate fashionista by the name of Stéphanie Lenoir felt the need to create something exceptional. 

Driven by her unconditional love for her family, and her passion for fashion and beautiful things, she embarked on a creative adventure that would change the landscape of children's fashion.

Stéphanie wanted to dress her children in the very best, and was guided by a clear vision: to offer all little children the chance to dress in the very best, in timeless, elegant style.

One day, 20 years ago...

A particular passion for cashmere, with its unrivaled softness and lightness, became the key to her dream of creating something truly exceptional. 

Inspiration struck Stéphanie as she wandered the bustling streets of Paris, lulled by the creative effervescence of the City of Light.


Driven by the desire to fuse the sophistication of French fashion with the delicacy of cashmere, she decided to bring her vision to life. 


And so Oscar et Valentine, a brand dedicated to cashmere baby and children's wear, was born.

Oscar et Valentine Paris designs pieces that embody timeless elegance, the softness of cashmere and the innocence of childhood. Every seam, every detail is an expression of the designer's love and devotion to her creations, and to all the children who wear them. 

Oscar et Valentine's 100% cashmere collections meet the expectations of parents in search of quality, comfort and style. The brand is synonymous with refinement, offering garments unmatched in comfort and design. More than a purchase, it's an experience, a story woven into every cashmere fiber, every stitch, passed on to each generation through the nobility of timeless cashmere.

Our soft savoir-faire

Our soft cashmeres for babies, children and women are made mainly in Asia, and more particularly in Nepal, close to the region of origin of cashmere. The manufacturing process, respectful of the material and its heritage, embodies the brand's philosophy of quality and sustainability.


Without succumbing to overproduction, each piece is meticulously handcrafted, preserving authenticity and artisan attention. Each cashmere becomes unique thanks to the meticulous work of small, expert hands, who take the time to care for every detail.


Aware of the fragility of toddlers' skin, each cashmere is crafted to wrap baby and child in a cocoon of comfort and well-being. Soft colors, combined with sleek design, complement the timeless aesthetic of the collections, offering a delicate sensory experience and refined style. In this way, Oscar et Valentine creates cashmeres that go beyond simple garments, embodying a harmonious fusion of comfort and modernity for the preciousness of every moment.

Our second hand cashmere

At Oscar et Valentine we believe in the beauty of cashmere, a noble material that crosses the ages with timeless elegance. Our mission is to make second-hand cashmere synonymous with elegance, durability and happiness for your child. Our loyal customers have always passed on our cashmeres to the whole family. Today, we are proud to present our second-hand platform, which perfectly embodies our values.

By choosing to buy second-hand from us, you're contributing to more responsible fashion and giving your children the softness they deserve.

Our first women collection ! 

From child to woman, there was only one step we wanted to take... Cashmere is a great source of inspiration, evocative of naturalness, authenticity and voluptuousness.  Continuing the brand's tradition, Oscar et Valentine offers elegant, delicate cashmeres. We offer you the perfect cashmere dressing room, chic and timeless. Falsely basic sweaters whose style is delicately twisted by a detail: a jeweled button to complete the look, or a fitted waist to draw in the pretty feminine curves. 


Wear them day or night.